Miata Supercharger kit list

On my quest on finding a cheap supercharger kit, i found a lot of different supercharger kits for the mazda MX5 / Miata.

On this page i listed the most known supercharger kits with some info from the manufacturer and photo's

List for 90-97 miata / Mazda MX5 NA:
- Jackson Racing MP45 kit (discontinued, but still available on the market)
- Moss Motors MP62 kit
- Fast forward supercharger cold side kit
- Flyin miata Ubercharger kit (discontinued)

List for 99-00 MX5 NB:
- Moss Motors MP62 kit
- Fast forward supercharger cold side kit
- KraftWerks Miata Supercharger Kit
- Kenne Bell Twin screw supercharger kit (discontinued)
- Flyin miata Ubercharger kit (discontinued)

List for 01-05 MX5 / NB FL
- Moss Motors MP62 kit
- Fast forward supercharger cold side kit
- KraftWerks Miata Supercharger Kit

- Kenne Bell Twin screw supercharger kit (discontinued)

List for 06-08 MX5 NC:
- Flyin Miata MP62 kit
- Moss Motors MP62 kit

If i missed one, then please let me know!


Fast Forward Superchargers


Fast Forward™ Coldside Supercharger Kit for any Miata from '94 to '05.

These kits include the new fuel management system with E-Cool intercooling. This system provides cooling to avoid any heat soak issues. Even on 91 octane Arizona gas and hot days, the E-Cool system will keep that deadly ping from your engine.
The E-Cool system has proven to be capable of generating near ambient temperatures in the intake manifold with boost in excess of 11 PSI.Our coldside supercharger kit includes everything you need to run reliably at 190* or more whp!

Here's what you'll get with your Fast Forward Supercharger Kit:

•Magnuson/Eaton MP-62 Supercharger - Time tested and proven reliability. Over 190WHP* with a modest 1.6:1 pulley ratio. That means the blower is spinning a little over 11,000 RPM at redline. Loafing for the powerful MP62. This means lots of room for added power in the future with inexpensive upgrades. No need for a $1000.00, heavy, cumbersome, hard to install A/A or W/A inter-cooler just to get to an advertised 200 RWHP. •E-Cool™ Inter-cooling System - Inter-cooling is an essential part of any boosted system. There are basically three ways to inter-cool. Air to Air, Water to Air and liquid injection. Below 250WHP, simple is always better. The E-Cool system relies on the science of evaporative cooling by injecting a very small amount of fuel into the hot air exiting the supercharger. This eliminates all of that unnecessary weight forward of the front axle that detracts from the handling of your light and nimble Miata. Not to mention the extra $1000 some companies charge just to get to the power levels provided with the Fast Forward system. Besides, why take the heat out of the charge air and then feed it right back into the radiator? Does that make sense? E-Cool, the right way to go Fast Forward.

E-Cool also adds the extra fuel necessary to supplement the stock injectors at the 190-200+WHP level. The stock injectors on 99+ engines run out of safe capacity at around 200WHP. On the 94-97 engines, the stock injectors have even less capacity. Without the additional fuel supplied by the E-Cool 5th injector, you could be putting your engine at risk at these levels.

•Jackson Racing PowerCard Pro® - 21st century supercharger fuel management system for 21st century engines. •Coldside Manifold - Our kit mounts the supercharger where it won't be cooked with the heat from the exhaust manifold. Pre-heating the supercharger is counterproductive to building horsepower. The manifold is cast to create the proper 'horn' flow shape to provide laminar flow through the intake runners. •Absolute Minimum Throttled Volume - Less than 150 cubic inches (0.087 cubic feet). This means you'll see immediate response and acceleration. A typical hotside has many times that volume and an inter-cooled hotside exacerbates the problem even further. Increased throttled volume directly effects drivability and idle. •A huge 75mm BBK Throttle Body - BBK The standard by which the others are measured. This means you get ball bearings for smooth throttle body action and all the unrestricted air your engine needs to breath right. •Throttle Body Adaptor - The input shape of the MP62 is unique and requires a cast adaptor to provide the proper air flow path to convert from the 75mm circle of the throttle body to the unique shape of the inlet to the supercharger. Billet machined versions just can't match the flow. •Auto-Tensioner - Your Fast Forward™ supercharger is driven by a 6 rib belt with an auto-tensioner manufactured by Gates/Goodyear specifically for the 6 rib belt. Other kits provide an antiquated fixed idler pulley system that requires constant attention to alignment and tension and still, under load, slip. No muss, no fuss. This also makes the belt last many times longer than fixed idler pulley systems, saving you time and money. Belt install takes seconds and is automatically tensioned and aligned. Think of it like this. The HP required at idle is 1-2. The HP required at redline is about 25. The change in load on the belt causes it to stretch. If the tensioner isn't active, the belt will become long enough to slip. •Sparkplugs - The kits come complete with sparkplugs specifically tested and selected for each kit group. •Other supercharger kits add 70+ pounds to your Miata non-intercooled. Add another 20-40 pounds for an intercooler. The Fast Forward kit adds a modest 18 pounds to the passenger side. With this kit, you don't give up any of the lightweight fun you love about a Miata.

Perfect Idle and Drivability - No idle droop or high idle problems inherent with some hotside kits.

fast forward cold side supercharger kit





From the beginning, our goal was simply to engineer the very best performing Miata supercharger kits. Kenne Bell has over 33 years of tuning and product engineering experience with turbocharging, intercooling and supercharging Ford, Chrysler and GM engines. We currently offer 21 kits with 6 more in development. Combine this expertise with the world's most efficient supercharger and revolutionary Laminova finned tube intercooler and the result is the ultimate Miata kit. The engine makes up to 10 more HP because it takes 10 less HP to drive the Twin Screw vs. the Roots style. And the charge temperature is up to 46° cooler. Finally, all Kenne Bell Kits also include 4 new high capacity fuel injectors and the pre-tuned OPTIMIZER which, without question, are mandatory for '99 up supercharged Miatas. And there is no additional tuning or tweaking required as with other kits.

• 65-115% more HP.
• Available in supercharged and supercharged / intercooled (6, 9 and 12 psi boost).
• Twin Screw 90% efficient supercharger.
• Big increase in horsepower and torque - EVERYWHERE.
• Laminova 86% efficient intercooler with Setrab heat exchanger.
• 30% less HP to drive than Roots style.
• 30% cooler air charge temp than Roots style.
• No "boost lag" as with centrifugal superchargers & turbos.
• Fat flat torque curve.
• Boost and power on demand only when needed.
• Includes Kenne Bell OPTIMIZER lll to reprogram fuel and spark.
• Bypass system standard.
• Whisper Quiet.
• Retains stock strut brace in engine compartment for rigidity.
• Available in satin/black or polished.
• Best Engineered Kit.
• All necessary parts included in kit.
• Billet aluminum supercharger and intercooler (others use cheaper cast aluminum).

Kenne bell twin screw supercharger



Flyin miata:


FM MP62 supercharger system
This is a gorgeous piece of work that really wakes up the car.

A bit of history: the kit was pulled from the market due to problems with the original reprogramming software. Flyin` Miata has worked with Dynotronics to develop bullet-proof new software that really unleashes the potential of this awesome kit. And, we were able to cut the price a couple of hundred bucks. What`s not to like?

The heart of the kit is a custom casting that incorporates an intake manifold, an air/water intercooler and the reliable and popular MP62 supercharger. The 6-rib serpentine belt drives the supercharger, using Mazda`s own automatic tensioner. It`s a very clean setup. The air/water intercooler means that intake temperatures are kept to a reasonable level, keeping the power safe for your engine and opening the door for future upgrades. Paint it black, and nobody would ever expect the engine bay was hiding such a secret.

The really delightful thing about this kit(beside its exceptional build quality) is its absolute transparency. There is nothing telling you that you`re driving a modified car. No odd noises, no lumps or bumps in power delivery (much, much smoother than the factory turbo cars were), just that your car will now pull much, much harder from low rpm to redline. Engine power increases to approximately 240 hp at the wheels. Basically, it turns your car into the Mazdaspeed that Mazda never made.

Engine management is handled by a reprogrammed stock ECU. This means OBD-II compatibility and no emissions hassles. No tuning is required on your part, either.You just ship your ecu to us, we reprogram it and ship it back and you just plug it back in. We do all the hard work so all you have to do is drive.

Includes everything you need, from fuel injectors to a tube of Loctite. Fits 2006 and later MX-5s

Flyin miata MP62 supercharger kit



Kraftworks USA



No matter where you are in the world, the Mazda Miata is recognized as the classic sports car to beat. The Miata has proven itself as a top track performer, passing most cars on the outside of corners. The performance aftermarket has provided all different types of performance add-ons for the little car, but nothing with Rotrex. We decided to give the Miata the power it deserves, on the street and track. The next evolution of supercharging has arrived for the Miata.

The KraftWerks Miata Supercharger Kit simply outperforms the older forced induction techniques used on the Miata. Whether you are cruising down Main Street or passing on the outside of Turn 1, you will notice the smooth drivability of the Rotrex supercharger. There are no sharp boost spikes that are hard to control, just smooth torque that never stops! When you decide you want to hang it out sideways, just drive the throttle deeper. Everything is at your control and easy to drive.

With a KraftWerks supercharger system, you never have to worry about high intake temperatures, extreme under hood temperatures, boost spikes, engine oil lines… Everything is cool, self contained and extremely efficient. The Rotrex supercharger runs off a serpentine belt, and includes an automatic belt tensioner for improved belt life and belt performance. The Rotrex’s patented traction drive is whisper quiet and produces the coolest output temperatures in forced induction.

KraftWerks uses its own fuel management on the Miata Base kits called the “SuperCard”. The SuperCard is a small digital electronics unit that is able to extend stock injector duty cycle in boost for the given condition. The SuperCard is not a "basemap" to get you to a dyno or to "get you down the road." It is a real piece of electronics made to last. The SuperCard is simple to install, reversible, and it works seamlessly with the vehicle; at all throttle positions, all altitudes, all temperatures, all conditions.

The KraftWerks Miata Kit includes:
• Rotrex C30-74 Supercharger at 5 PSI* with KraftWerks Supercharger Insert
• Rotrex Self-Contained Oiling System with Oil Cooler
• KraftWerks Recirculating Bypass Valve
• KraftWerks Automatic Belt Tensioning System
• KraftWerks SuperCard Engine Management Unit
• KraftWerks Aluminum Intake and Discharge Piping
• KraftWerks Silicone Hoses
• KraftWerks Oiled Air Filter
• KraftWerks MAF Relocation System
• KraftWerks Racing 4-Rib Belt
• KraftWerks High-Quality CNC-Machined Brackets
• High-Quality Metric Fasteners and Hardware
• Installation Manual and CD-ROM

kraft werks supercharger kit



Moss moters MP62



Moss Motors' MP62 based supercharger system was designed for the Miata enthusiast that wants to make serious horsepower and torque with plenty of room available for significant upgrades in power.

The entire system is designed around the Eaton MP62 Supercharger. The MP62 is a roots-type positive displacement blower that delivers instant boost at any RPM. Integrated into the MP62 supercharger is a boost bypass valve. When cruising, the bypass valve opens and re-circulates the air. This allows for fuel economy similar to stock. Put the hammer down and the bypass valve shuts immediately delivering instant boost to your Miata's engine. Every part in this system, including the Eaton supercharger, is warranted by Moss Motors for two years from the date of purchase.

Fuel enrichment under boost is provided by the PowerCard Pro. Moss Motors and Dobeck Performance have spent the last several years working together to create the most compact and very powerful - PowerCard Pro. The philosophy is simple, work in harmony with the factory ECU and simply add fuel where necessary only under boost. This philosophy will quickly emerge the first time you drive your newly MP62 supercharged Miata. Instant boost, seamless power and no driveability quirks. A steady idle and nothing but a smooth delivery of boosted power that only the PC Pro can deliver. Another great PC Pro feature is real time fuel curve manipulation. Vast adjustment is available by simply targeting the appropriate zone and making a few clicks on the easy to use push button interface.

Additional System Features:
Newly Designed Belt Tensioner - Our newly engineered belt tensioner has better geometry and more range of adjustment. The base plate is 3/8" thick aluminum and uses an M10 tensioner bolt to eliminate flexing and belt movement. The all new idler pulleys are designed with a crown. The crowned design causes the drive belt to track in the center of the pulley, not to one side or the other.

PowerCard Pro - PowerCard Pro is a load-based tuning solution combining the power of an ultra fast microprocessor and self-diagnostics. Under normal driving conditions PowerCard waits patiently offline, but mash the throttle and PowerCard instantly steps up the fuel necessary for boost. The PowerCard Pro gives the end user the ability to finely adjust fuel, if desired, in the three key areas of Cruise, Mild acceleration and Full throttle. This fine level of adjustment will allow you to tailor the fuel specifically to your Miata's set up.

Timing Controller by PowerCard - PowerCard's Timing Controller represents the latest in engine timing technology. As the OEMs upgrade and improve their engine management systems to comply with higher emissions standards, the timing control method for forced induction systems must improve for safe and powerful results. Timing Controller’s RPM based methodology is the answer.
94-97 Miatas with Cruise Control will need to buy the cruise control relocation bracket.

Moss motors MP62 supercharger kit



Jackson racing MP45



Jackson Racing Miata M45 Supercharger Systems 1990-1993 With PS & AC - U.S. Spec. Miatas

Why have OEM manufacturers such as Ford, GM, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz turned to supercharging? Instant, reliable power! Imagine your Miata passing simply by rolling on the throttle…no downshifting. Climb a hill in 5th gear instead of 3rd. Leave a stoplight completely sideways-burning rubber. It’s all possible with the Jackson Racing Supercharger system.

The core of the Miata supercharger system is a roots type Eaton M45 supercharger; Utilizing the same patented technology that the big OE manufacturers use in their supercharged vehicles. By incorporating a vacuum bypass system, air is directed around the supercharger while cruising; Excellent reliability and fuel economy are retained. When you need power, simply stand on the throttle and the bypass valve closes, instantly pressurizing your engine’s intake system.

The Supercharger is only one part of the equation. To achieve a smooth rush of power and excellent driveability, proper tuning is essential. All 1990-2005 Jackson Racing Supercharger Systems use PowerCard as their fuel management solution. PowerCard is a Load-based tuning solution that combines the latest in microprocessor technology and self-diagnostics. Under normal conditions PowerCard waits patiently off-line, but Accelerate aggressively and PowerCard instantly steps up the fuel necessary for boost. Using an Ultra-fast microprocessor that reacts just as quickly as your factory ECM, your Miata drives just as Mazda intended, whether in Boost or not. CARB approved. Boost upgrade not available.

On Miata's equipped with a factory strut tower brace, it will have to be permanently removed for Supercharger installation.
Miata's equipped with ABS will need our washer bottle relocation kit

Jackson racing MP45 supercharger kit